December 20, 2014

Take Me To Paris

Sorry I've been MIA for the past week! I've been crazy with finals so I didn't really have time to focus on my blog. But I'm now on winter break and back home in California so I'll have plenty of time to post some cute outfits! I have to say I am grateful that I live in a city where its warm all year round so my next few outfits might not be for those who live in cities where it snows.. 

I am seriously in LOVE with this look. I'm wearing two things that I usually never wear: floppy hats and turtle neck sweaters. This look reminds me of France for some reason... like I should be strolling through the narrow streets of Paris buying flowers and baguettes. Yeah I know I'm weird. But really, how adorable is this sweater? I'm loving the batwing sleeves and it's pretty much one of the most comfortable sweaters I own. (Shout out to my bestie for getting it for me for christmas) And can we please talk about this beautiful caramel floppy hat? I'm usually not a huge fan about hats but this one I just love. 
PS. Four more days till Christmas!

Maddison Sweater // Old Navy Flats // Macy's Floppy Hat


  1. the floppy hat looks amazing! :)

    <3: Jasmin N |

  2. Amazing *_* I'm in love with your ombre and hat, love it :)

  3. Your photographs are lovely! Adore the outfit! I purchased a floppy hat just the other day! Can't wait to wear it. :)

    Marianne x


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