December 27, 2014

Space Bun

There's this new hair trend that I've been seeing lately and I didn't know if I liked or loathed it. Based on the title you can guess what I'm talking about. Yes, I'm talking about Space buns (aka Miley-Cyrus-gone-crazy-hair, sailor moon hair, etc).  I decided that I should try them out to see if I liked it or not. Instead of going all out and doing two space buns I found a hairstyle that fit my personality more and did the half up space bun. I have to say, I'm obsessed and will probably be doing this hairstyle more often (I'm sorry to all those who loath the space bun, forgive me!) 

I'm wearing my new boots that I got for Christmas and the color looks maroon here but I swear its brown! (or at least I hope it is and the lady at the store didn't lied to me) I bought this long tee shirt dress  on ebay this summer and since the length is at an awkward length (right above my ankle making it look like the dress shrunk), I decided to tie a knot to shorten the dress and tied a shirt around my waist to give my outfit more of a spunk. 

If you guys like nature inspired jewelry I would definitely check out The Hunter Collection because they make the best necklaces out of arrowheads! Go check them out for more unique, homemade jewelry.

Madison and Sixth Plaid Shirt // Cathy Jean Boots

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  1. so cute!

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