December 4, 2014

Printed Tunics

A week ago when I was helping Madison and Sixth unpack their clothes for the new store in Fashion Place, I saw this dress across the room and new I had to have it. I wore this printed tunic with an army green jacket but for a more girly look you could wear it with a long crochet cardigan. I wore this outfit to work and received a ton of compliments! 

This is such a hectic week! I work in Murray three times this week, I have a couple of shoots planned, and I have a ton of homework and projects due this week. Between work, blogging, school, and photography, life can get pretty crazy. Today, I didn't even have the chance to have dinner! I love being busy but sometimes I just want the day to be over so I can come home, relax, and go to sleep. Let me know what do you do when you are having a busy week! 

Sheinside Jacket // Madison and Sixth Dress // Rue 21 Shoes // H&M Necklace


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