January 30, 2015

Overall Prints

Guess what guys! This is my very first pair of overalls! (This has just been a week of many firsts right!?) I'm always worried that they won't fit right but surprisingly, this fit perfectly on me! When I think of overalls I think of farmers. To stay away from that farmer vibe, I avoided plaid shirts and boots and opted for a pair of cute white flats and a simple printed top. How would you style a pair of overalls? Let me know in the comments below!

January 26, 2015

My Type of Boyfriend

Who needs a boyfriend when you've got boyfriend jeans!?

But really.

I've been looking for a pair of boyfriend jeans but it's so hard to find one that fits just right. I found these at Charlotte Russe for only 20 dollars! (They always have great deals going on so definitely check them out!) It's still cold where I'm from but its not snowing (thank goodness!) so to keep myself warm I added this comfy long cardigan. This look is perfect for a casual and comfy day! I would wear this outfit when I'm running errands or if I'm just doing some shopping. 

Incase you didn't notice... I got hair extensions! I'm in LOVE and if you are looking for some, Bellami has some amazing ones! 
Check them out!

PS. Use my coupon code for a discount ;) BRITTANYTING

Sheinside Top // Charlotte Russe Boyfriend Jeans // Madison and Sixth Cardigan // Old Navy Flats 

January 19, 2015


Now, who says you can't wear comfortable joggers (aka pajama pants) in the public eye without seeming like you just woke up and left the house without changing?? To dress up the joggers I paired it with some adorable strap heels that I got from DEB for only FREAKING 8 DOLLARS! They are going out of business (sad because I wanted to find more great deals) so they are having a huge sale on all their products. Hurry over to your nearest mall before all the good stuff is gone (after you continue reading of course).

PS. If you love delicate necklaces as much as I do, definitely go check out The Bohemian Market for more adorable pieces!


Forever 21 Top // Forever 21 Jogger Pants // DEB shoes

January 14, 2015

Get To Know Me!

Fun Facts About Me

1. I'm double jointed. (I can twist my arm in a 360 degrees.)
2. I've decided to major in Photography (finally after three years in school)
3. My favorite food is probably Thai food and Korean BBQ.
4. I go to Denny's way too often. (in the middle of the night)
5. I'm a sensitive person. I will cry in movies AND books.
6. My favorite shows are crime shows such as Law and Order and CSI.
7. I used to eat ice cream every single day after school in the seventh grade so now I get sick whenever I eat ice cream. 
8. One of my favorite things to do is to organize and plan.
9. I love to dance.
10. I always drive over the speed limit.

Coat // Asos Top // H&M Jeans // Target Heels

January 11, 2015

Sunday Style

Target Fur Vest and Shoes // Forever 21 Dress

January 5, 2015

Double the Layers

Here's a little outfit post with my sister! This was totally unplanned but we realized that we were both dressed similar so I thought I'd blog our outfits!

Forever 21 Coat // Shop Gracie Dress // Necessary Clothing Crop Top // Cathy Jean Boots

Charlotte Russe Dress // Macy's Knee High Socks // Macy's Boots
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