January 26, 2015

My Type of Boyfriend

Who needs a boyfriend when you've got boyfriend jeans!?

But really.

I've been looking for a pair of boyfriend jeans but it's so hard to find one that fits just right. I found these at Charlotte Russe for only 20 dollars! (They always have great deals going on so definitely check them out!) It's still cold where I'm from but its not snowing (thank goodness!) so to keep myself warm I added this comfy long cardigan. This look is perfect for a casual and comfy day! I would wear this outfit when I'm running errands or if I'm just doing some shopping. 

Incase you didn't notice... I got hair extensions! I'm in LOVE and if you are looking for some, Bellami has some amazing ones! 
Check them out!

PS. Use my coupon code for a discount ;) BRITTANYTING

Sheinside Top // Charlotte Russe Boyfriend Jeans // Madison and Sixth Cardigan // Old Navy Flats 


  1. A good pair of boyfriend jeans seems just as hard to find as a good boyfriend! Haha

    I have to say, those jeans looks so cool and very, very good on you! I like how you paired basics with it.. It looks cozy, yet cute!

    Stay fancy!
    xxx Kelly-Louise


  2. love this outfit


  3. I'm loving this look so much! I am a sucker for good boyfriend jeans and these are just fabulous. Loving the way you paired the perfect striped tee with them!

    Your hair looks so amazing! You would never know you had extensions. I love the long locks on you.

    xoxo Annie Merrill

    1. thanks girl! ;)

      ps. i miss your cute face!


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