December 2, 2014

Non Existant Boyfriend Tee

I should not be allowed to work at a cute clothing store like Madison and Sixth because I will become obsessed and seriously start to buy the entire store! (oops too late) It's a good thing I have a 40% off deal for working there because I'd probably be broke by the end of the month. Work has been great so far and I'm having such a blast! I love the people I work with and my boss is the best. If you're around the Provo Mall or Fashion Place mall in Murray, stop by and check it out! 
This crochet cardigan and slitted boyfriend tee are from Madison and Sixth. They are both so comfortable and simple so you could wear them with literally anything. I paired them both together with some simple black leggings and black ankle boots for a casual, comfy look. For a little color I added a forest green scarf to finish the look. 

Madison and Sixth Top & Cardigan // Macy's Leggings // Forever 21 Boots & Scarf

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