April 28, 2015

Changing Plans

The worst thing that could possibly happen on a vacation is when you get sick. With Washington's weather changing all the time (it was rainy two days ago, sunny yesterday, and rainy today) I believe that I have caught a cold or fever. So while I am typing this I am cuddling with Bella and covered in the softest blanket ever. 

Today we headed to Shoreline and visited Green Lake. We were going to walk around but it was really cold. So we took outfit photos and left to get some food in my tummy since I had missed breakfast and it was 1pm by then. We ate at this cute cafe called Jewel Box Cafe and then headed to the Woodland Zoo but when we got there it had started to rain so we decided to just go to the mall. 

I've been loving Love Culture, a really cute store I found here in Washington and this top is actually from there! 

Then we met up with a friend and had dinner with her. But by then I was feeling pretty crappy and needed to go home to sleep. It sucks being sick on vacation because you are limited in the time that you have there. 

So overall, today was a good day but now it's time to relax, watch a movie, and sleep. 

What I'm Wearing
Top: Love Culture
Bottoms: Cotton On
Shoes: Cotton On

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