April 21, 2015

A Trip to the North

Surprise! I'm in Washington for the week! My roommate did a service trip in Seattle and she was going back to visit and I decided to go with her since I've never gone before! We left around 5 in the morning, Sunday morning and drove the 12 hour drive with a few stops and got to Bellevue around 5pm (my roommate drives fast). 

Monday, we explored West Seattle, Sea Tac, Kent, and Renton. We had lunch at Mama's Stortinis which was AMAZING. Then we went out with the sister missionaries in the area for a few hours. It was a really awesome experience to go out with them and talk to investigators. 

Then we headed back to Bellevue and had dinner with the family we are staying with. We went to Issaquah for dinner and it was a place called XXX Rootbeer. They had delicious burgers and the best homemade rootbeer! 

Here was my outfit of the day:

Basically, I'm in love with Washington and would definitely live here some day. It's so green and beautiful everywhere. 

What I'm Wearing:
Top: H&M
BF Jeans: Cotton On
Shoes: Cotton On
Glasses: Polette.com

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  1. That ocean pic is gorgeous & I love that color pink on you!


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