March 6, 2015

Joe Scrub

 I have problem skin so I am always looking for new products to help. I had never heard of coffee being used in skin care products, so I was excited when Joe Scrub contacted me and asked me if I wanted to try it! I love the smell of coffee so this was perfect. Its so easy to use, and leaves your skin so soft. You only need a little bit, so this bag will last you a while. If you want a great product for a smooth and healthy feeling skin, this is it! 

This coffee scrub consists of organic coffee grinds and organic cacao that stimulates and increases blood circulation, releasing toxins helping to tighten skin, leaving the skin toned and even. There's also organic coconut oil that hydrates your skin, leaving it baby soft. This scrub is not only for your face, but also for your body! I would definitely try it out :)

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