March 30, 2015

California Love

What I'm Wearing
Top: Called to Surf
Skirt: Forever 21
Shoes: DEB
Bracelet: Trendy Touch
Glasses: Polette

I'm a sucker for plaid shirts and stripes. So when I saw this one for only fifteen dollars I just had to get it. Not to mention it has one of my favorite colors in it. I also love how you can dress up and down plaid shirts. 

Lately, I've been really into bracelets lately (I usually only wear the same pair of earrings 24/7 and the same necklaces every day) and they are these customized bangles from Trendy Touch (follow them on instagram!) They customized mine with a outlined heart and another one with the initials CA for California (because my heart is in California). Be sure to check her out for more trendy accessories such as floral headbands and cute jewelry!

I would like to introduce to you the photographer who took these photos. Her name is Lexi Collins and she is just the sweetest person! Check out her website-->

1 comment:

  1. I love your plaid top and completely agree with you, you can do and pair so many things with plaid! Love your outfit! :)

    The Style Roll


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