May 6, 2015

Currently Loving: Celestial Shine Magazine

Celestial Shine Magazine is a magazine for Young Women full of modest fashion trends, inspiring stories from young women, hair tutorials, and more! The March issue was all about Prom-- from modest Prom dresses to the perfect Prom hair look! The April/May issue talks about Provo Fashion Week and has an inspiring story from Lexi Hansen "The Miracle Girl". 

Emily Punjack, a lover of fashion, is the creator of this magazine. Her goal is to encourage Young Women to be in the world but not of the world, to strengthen testimonies in the Savior Jesus Christ, to provide fashion, beauty, makeup and dating advice that is modest and aligns with the standards of the Chruch. I'd say that she is doing a pretty good job at it ;)

For the past few months I've been able to shoot for Celestial Shine Magazine. Emily sent me a copy of the last two issues and I have enjoyed reading it! First, it was just cool to see my photos in a magazine! Second, I love the inspirational stories that are shared.

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