February 25, 2015

Lash Extensions Review

Kameleonz Sunglasses // Hope Ave Necklace // VLN Boutique Purse

Makeup/Hair: Alicia Plehn
Lashes: Brooke Baird

I was asked to model for Two Magazine, a BYU dating magazine, a few weeks ago and I just wanted to share what I wore! The theme was a BBQ date so this is what I would have worn for a BBQ date! Thanks to my friend Izzy for modeling with me! It was awkward at times but we made it happen!

Now, onto the lash review...
A month ago I got lash extensions and they have been one the best things that have ever happened to me. My daily makeup routine now literally takes 1 minute (I go days without wearing an ounce of makeup). 

When I first got them done I got the Classic lashes (one extension per natural lash). They were weird to me at first but the longer I had them, the more I fell in love with them. They lasted for about three weeks and I knew I had to get them redone when I started to look like Yzma from the movie "Emperor's New Groove". 

Yeah, definitely don't want that look. For my second set of lashes I decided to go for the volume set. The volume set is when you have 2-3 false extensions per natural lash. I'm absolutely in love with these too! They are so different from the classics but I honestly love them both. 

Classic Lashes:

Volume Lashes:

Below is a list of the amazing girls who did my lashes:

Classic: Cara Chatwin (Orem, UT) 801 906 3453 
Volume: Brooke Baird (Lindon, UT) 435 691 4140


  1. I found you on instagram and I was so happy to see you have a blog! You have the cutest outfits! Also, the eyelashes look so good on you!! :)

    The Style Roll

  2. love this look



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