February 22, 2015

Downtown Boho

Cotton On Top // American Eagle Jeans // Forever 21 Sandals // Hope Ave Necklace

Sometimes certain styles just grow on you... like the Jesus Sandal trend. I'm not a big fan of the jesus sandals but these shoes that I found at Forever 21 definitely make the cut. I paired the shoes with some loose boyfriend jeans and a loose top to give that Boho look for the town. I've been loving floppy hats lately and I feel like every outfit is complete with one. 

I've been looking for a bib necklace for a while and I'm thankful for my lovely friend Chandler for letting me borrow this beautiful necklace. (get yours at Hope Ave) (;

Oh and are you wondering why I'm wearing sandals in February? Its the end of the month and it hasn't snowed yet. SAY WHAT!? I'm not complaining tho.

Enjoy the sunshine while it lasts!


  1. great look -- love those sandals


  2. love love love this look! you're totally rocking the jesus sandals by the way, xx!


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