October 18, 2014

Look For Less - Anthropologie

I was walking by Anthropologie and I found the CUTEST outfit. I knew it was not going to be cheap so I decided to take a photo of it and find a better option for you guys. 
Below is the entire outfit at Anthropologie and the pricing of each item.

Sweater: $59.95
Skirt: $88.00
Necklace: $78.00

Total: $225.95

Here is my cheaper alternative. 

*The colors are different but the style is similar to the Anthropologie necklace*

Now let's do a price comparison. Once again, the total price for the entire outfit at Anthropologie was $225.95. My outfit comes out to a total $55.78! You save $170.17! What a steal, right!? 

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my blog and let me know if you want more Look For Less posts!



  1. Love how you re-created this amazing Anthro outfit, Brittany! Yeah, I love Anthro but it can be pricey, that's why I always wait for sales! ~Cynthia


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